Mark Louie P., Nounou à Paris (75000)

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I am a Filipino staying in Paris. I am currently in need of a job. I am fluent in English and i have had some part time babysitting and menager jobs already since I came here in Paris. I also have experience in teaching English.

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Aide aux devoirs
Aide au ménage
Bébés de moins de 6 mois
Enfants de 6 mois à 2 ans
Enfants de 2 ans à 6 ans
Enfants de plus de 6 ans
Animaux de compagnie
Enfants handicapés
Enfants malades

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Expériences professionnelles : 2 ans d'expérience

  • Du 08-2017 Au 08-2017

    Madame Cristine hired me to work part time for her when they were having their vacation in Pezenas. She hired me to work as all around menager. She has 3 grandchildren and she said that during those days that i worked for her, babysitting was my greatest strength. She has a 7 month old grandchildren and two of are 3 years old. She was very happy by the way I took care of her grandchildren.

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I am a licensed Nutritionist Dietitian so I can impart my knowledge when it comes to healthy lifestyle and diet. I have worked as tutor to kids when I was in the Philippines, teaching English, science as well as Mathematics. This experience of working as tutor has helped me gain knowledge on how to make effectively and efficiently teach kids and has equipped me not just with skills but as well as patience in handling them


Position approximative à 150 mètres.