Melina K., Garde de chien à Paris

  • 24 ans, 3 ans d'expérience

  • Promenade
  • Visite
  • Garde au domicile du pet-sitter
  • Garde au domicile du propriétaire
  • Langues parlées :
    Anglais (langue maternelle) , Grec (Bilingue)
  • Nationalité :
  • Expérience :
    3 ans d'expérience
  • Permis de conduire oui
    PSC1 (premiers secours) non
  • Motorisé(e) non
    A des enfants non
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Dog-lover seeking for furry company !


My name is Melina and I am 23 years old ! I have been in love with dogs since an early age. I have 2 dogs at home in Cyprus but now that I moved to Paris and I am a student I can hardly go back home to see them ! I miss having a furry friend to spend time with. I would be delighted if you gave me the opportunity to take care of your dogs. It would make me so happy! I am very active and love going on long walks but at the same time still love sitting at home ,spending time and taking care of them whilst I study. Last year when I moved to London I had a lot of dogs I was taking care of from my neighborhood so you can completely trust me .

I am happy to answer any questions.
Looking forward to meeting you and your little doggies!!

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Expériences professionnelles : 3 ans d'expérience

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Position approximative à 150 mètres.