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Alaz I., Garde de chat à Paris

  • 27 ans, <1 an d'expérience
  • Promenade
  • Visite
  • Garde au domicile du pet-sitter
  • Garde au domicile du propriétaire
  • Langues parlées :
    Turc (langue maternelle) , Anglais (Bilingue) , Allemand (Courant) , Français (Débutant)
  • Nationalité :
  • Expérience :
    <1 an d'expérience
  • Permis de conduire oui
    PSC1 (premiers secours) non
  • Motorisé(e) oui
    A des enfants non

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Cat Lover Student Ready For Your Catty!


I love cats, I have raised 5 cats in last 3 years. I know how to take care of them. I am ready for your lovely cat. I study at a business school in Paris near Montparnasse. I am an easy going, passionate, energetic person with positive attitude. I love pets and I miss my cat at İstanbul a lot. Unfortunately he is not with me at Paris.

With love,

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I have studied geological engineering as bachelor. Now I am studying master of business admistriation and marketing. My hobbies are playing the piano and clarinet. I am very interested in sports, I have played basketball as licenced player of my school for 10 years. I have done diving, pilates and yoga. Now I do zumba and fitness. I am interested in reading books, learning new cultures and cinema.