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Wendy C., Parent recherchant un profil de nounou à Lyon (69)

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english babysitter/nounou

Mother of 2 children, I'm is looking for a babysitter for next year's academic year 2014/2015. In ideal world, this is the candidate that I'm hoping to find a student :
- to collect my daughter from the maternelle (Lyon, 69003) at 16h25 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
- to take my daughter back home and take care of her until 18.30 (bath time twice a week)

Ideally I would like an anglophone to speak to my daughter in English. I'm bilingual myself, born in France to French-British parents. My daughter understands English perfectly but, like many bilingual children of her age, has not reached the stage of wanting to speak in English, as it is her second language.

If you are or know someone trustworthy with experiences with young children, either living here in Lyon or planning to come over next year, please contact me.

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