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Iii I., Parent recherchant un profil de baby-sitter à Cipières (06620)

4 enfants,

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Aide pour mariage

We are a young couple getting married in the mountain this summer. We are looking for a French/Dutch babysitter for our wedding on the 22th of July, in Cipieres (near Gourdon / Greolieres), to play and stay with kids during the dinner
Alyssa (NL-7yo)
Jip (NL-8yo)
Alma (FR-7yo)
Nyla (FR/NL-9yo)
Amelie (NL- 6yo)
Giulian (NL-6yo)
Maxim (NL-8yo)
and then to keep an ear on the babyphone for the small ones during the early night.
Guus / Pim / Zoe / Louis / Tom / Liv / Servaas
You won't be alone since the parents are 50m away, but it's mainly to let the adults enjoying the party and do not have to stay with their kids all the time.
We offer a nice dinner and we can pay 100' for the whole evening and early night (about 10'/hour).


Position approximative à 150 mètres.